All About Us


Thanks for visiting our site. We are 4th and 5th grade students at Memorial Drive Elementary in Waycross, Georgia. We picked the standard about the westward expansion of the United States because it had a little of everything to interest us all. Please read on to find out more about us and our interests.


My name is Haley. I love any sport except basketball. I'm in the fifth grade; worked on some of the website, and the inventions during the westward expansion. I love to travel and have been to different countries and at least five states besides Georgia.


My name is Jessica. I love all the sports except soccer. Iam in every one of them including Karate. I am in fourth grade and I helped make this website. I did the games and the people. I love going around the United states. I have 9 horses and I have been to 10 different states besides Georgia.


Hi I'm Hailey and I like old movies.I helped on the people page. I like to listen to music. I also like to hang out with my friends. I 'm a wiz at reading  but not at math. I like all sports especially baseball. I am very active. I like to be outside. I like to do arobics with my teacher Ms. Hall. I think math came from planet Drool it isn't cool. I also like to ryhme when I have the time. I also like to tell jokes and be funny like a bunny. 


My name is Dillon I love to run my hunting dogs .I am in fourth grade and I love to help people learn about different subjects. I am 10 years old.


I am Hayden Blackburn. I like to play, football, baseball, and basketball. I also like to hang out with my friends Bailey, Dillon,  Will , and Alston. I am 9 years old. I helped do the invention page. I am in the fourth grade. I also like to play video games.


 My name is Noah Rouse. I am 11 years old, 5 feet 2 inches, and I wear a size 10 shoe. Some of my favorite pass times are playing video games, learning new things, and playing the piano. I love Mexican and Chinese food. I love Mountain Dew and I am always hyper. I'm also very funny and I tell jokes a lot!