Meriwether Lewis

     Meriwether Lewis was born to a Virgina Planter Family in 1774.Lewis's father died when Lewis was only five. For a short time Lewis lived in georgia with his mom until she moved with her second husband. Meriwether Lewis became friends with William Clark.

  Lewis teamed up with Clark and went on great Expeditions together.Lewis was part of a family of five people. He became very famous along with William Clark. He was known for his great adventures that he went on with William Clark.They became great buddies.Lewis went on a great many of journies with William.On August 11, 1806 near the end of the Expedition, Lewis was shot in the left thigh Pierre Cruzatte a near-blind man under his command, while both were hunting for elk.

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William Clark

    William Clark was born in 1770 and was adopted into a Virginia Plantation Family. The family had six children and he was the youngest. 

     William Clark began to serve his country as a soldier in 1789. In 1792 he became an officer in the army. William Clark fought in the battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark became friends. Lewis and Clark crossed the Louisiana Purchase in the 1800’s.

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Their Expedition

      In the past month we have learned about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
     Sacagawea pointed the right way for Lewis and Clark to go on their journey. Lewis and Clark came up with many names for their guide. They were very smart and had a lot of people including teenagers on the journey with them. Lewis and Clark had faith in their nation and plans.
     Lewis and Clark were trying to form a better nation to live in. Thomas Jefferson promoted Lewis and Clark to lead their huge expedition. Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to make a trail along the Pacific Ocean. We can read about the trip in their journal. Jefferson wanted their Expedition to end on June 20, 1803. But they didn't want it to end at that time.

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